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Guide to Crystal Chandeliers & Lighting Tips

EUROPEAN CRYSTAL Venetian heritage

Venetian crystal (from the glass-making regions in and around Venice) is molded, not cut. You will notice a rounding of edges that comes from fire polishing. Molded crystal, though never as brilliant as cut crystal, has a subtle charm and is an exceptional value. It is an ideal budget crystal for heavily dressed and/or commercially oriented chandeliers.


Lead crystal is lead glass that has been hand- or machine-cut with facets. Lead oxide added to the molten glass gives lead crystal a much higher index of refraction than normal glass, and consequently much greater "sparkle" by increasing specular reflection and the range of angles of total internal reflection. Ordinary glass has a refractive index of 1.5; the addition of lead produces an index of refraction of up to 1.7. This heightened refractive index also raises the correlating index of dispersion, which measures the degree to which a medium separates light into its component spectra, as in a prism. This increase in refractive index from 1.5 to 1.7 significantly increases the amount of light reflected. The presence of lead also makes the glass softer and easier to cut. Crystal can consist of up to 35% lead, at which point it has the most sparkle. The higher lead content also makes it much more difficult to form crystal during manufacturing. Offered in clear, or a multitude of colors.

MAJESTIC WOOD POLISHED The choice of traditionalists.

Our Majestic Wood Polished crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron and then a sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. These methods go back centuries. If you look closely you will notice faint traces of the wood-wheel attesting to the concentrated label of the artisan. This is a mark of authenticity. Each piece is a unique and original masterpiece.

ROYAL CUT CRYSTAL Fine crystal at a moderate price.

A combination of high quality lead-free machine cut, machine polished crystals & full-lead machined-cut crystals combine to meet a desirable showmanship of an authentic crystal fixture. This quality popular for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship at a moderate price.

ELEGANT CUT CRYSTAL The choice of traditionalists.

Elegant Cut Crystal consist 30% of high quality full-lead machine-cut crystal that is above industry standards. It possesses sharp faceting polished to a visual radiance.

SWAROVSKI SPECTRA CRYSTAL Amazing quality for a fantastic value.

A passion for perfection has made Swarovski the world leader in the production of cut crystal. Swarovski & CO., manufacturer of Swarovski Elements has created a new alternative quality crystal. Swarovski has used advanced technology with old world knowledge to produce a brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light reflection. This crystal type is designed for a crystal connoisseur demanding quality at an affordable price. Machine cut and polished, they feature clarity and refractive properties that closely resemble Elements (Strass) Crystal.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS CRYSTAL (formerly branded as STRASS Crystal) Absolute perfection.

Considered the finest crystal in the world. Optically pure, free of flaws and unique in purity.
An exercise in technical perfection, Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal meets all standards of perfection. It is original, flawless and brilliant, possessing lead oxide in excess of 33%. Made in Austria, each facet is perfectly cut and polished by a special machinery to maintain optical purity and consistency. An invisible coating is applied at the end of the process to make the crystal easier to clean. While available in clear, it can be specially ordered in a variety of brilliant colors.


Fashion is the inspiration for this new silver shaded crystal, The subtle, faintly iridescent color is the new highly anticipated chic colored crystal. From traditional to contemporary, the mirrored like tones that coat the Silver Shade Swarovski Elements crystal helps these collections coordinate with any decor. The Silver Shade crystal carries the Swarovski Elements emblem which guarantees the optical pure quality.


The Golden Teak is a transparent crystal of a high degree of brilliance. The fire and brilliance of the crystal comes from the reflection of light passing through the prism. The soft glow of the Golden Teak color is added to the crystal and then hand polished on a wooden wheel. The fashion forward Golden Teak is designed for today?s interiors.


Swarovski Elements Golden Teak crystal is color coated to give warmth and elegance. Every piece carries the Swarovski Elements signature. This guarantees the optical purity, quality and true value found only in Swarovski Elements. The classic Golden Teak color will inspire any interior with its rich deep color.


Murano Crystals are smooth, hand blown crystal balls or beads, usually found on contemporary designs, such as the Joshua Marshal Drops of Rain Design (available with Murano Crystal beads & spheres or in conjunction with European or Swarovski Crystals). These crystals have no facets and are completely smooth round spheres. Designed for that air-bubble or water droplet effect, Murano Crystal gives off no light reflection.

   "THE FIVE C's"

Understand the right size chandelier for your room. If circumference of a room is 12'x14', a 26" diameter chandelier is correct. Height above dining table to the end of the chandelier should be: 30"-32". Two story Foyer: 10'-11' above the floor.
Additional Guidelines:
- 4 to 6 person dining table: 20" to 24" chandelier
- 6 to 8 person dining table: 25" to 29" chandelier
- 8 to 10 person dining table: 30" to 36" chandelier

Select the desired shape and style to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Select your quality cut of crystal (refer to above "Types of Crystal"). Building a crystal chandelier is similar to buying a diamond. Choose your preferred shape and style of the chandelier. Next, the cost of the chandelier will depend on chosen quality of crystal.

Select desired finish. Most of our glass arm chandeliers are available in Gold or Chrome. Chrome: The authentic color. Will reflect the true color spectrum of crystal. Works in all interiors. Gold: A dramatic color. Works well when complementing furniture and hardware in brass.

WeGotLites has earned confidence with our 30 years of experience and worldwide reputation for quality and professional service. A crystal chandelier, whatever its shape, size, or cost, is an important purchase. We encourage you to seek the help and advice of experienced personnel before choosing the chandelier that will become a part of your personal history, future, and lifestyle.


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